February 29, 2012

Internet : bringing us together

Thank you God for the Internet!

This is straight from my heart, I really want to thank the brain behind the 'concept of bringing the world close to us' the  inventor of 'THE NET '.

This realization came to me while I was in one of those bad moods when the world seems to be one boredom Kingdom...While I was sulking I just happened to surf through the net. Nothing  in Particular, just here and there.

Believe me, I started feeling light , so much better.No favors required from anybody to spare some time for us...No regrets, as everything is a few words and one click away.

One cannot see the entire world. This is impossible both monetarily and time wise. But not when you have the Internet.If you Have a Query you get so many view points that almost all facets of the situation are covered.(Ask any first time parent what role this plays ;) )

How can I forget all those people far and away who stay connected to me via this super fast means, constantly updated with the posts.

Right that every thing has its cons but when everything around is dull, this is a Savior.

Before I close, I would like to borrow a line  about the books and modify it...

'This electronic friend asks no question and passes no criticism."

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