April 27, 2012

From a mom for the mom to be


Welcome to all the lovely ladies who have just entered the new phase or are about to enter motherhood.
I know there is this mixed feeling after the great news is confirmed. So many questions rise in our mind over the next few months. Each month comes with a new set of questions and new dilemmas.

What actually should one do? I do not think anyone will have a perfect answer for this but; this is how my phase went.

When I first had the confirmation about my baby; I was numb, expressionless. The lab lady thought that it was a chance gone wrong and I didn’t want it that way. But Gods bless my baby; it was just that I had no way to express the feeling I was going through. There a saw a sparkle in my husband’s eyes and the happy 9 months began.

Straight from the Lab I went to my office, but the day would just not end and our calls to each other and mails would reassure yes the new chapter had begun.

 So, coming back to the point this is what I tried over the months. This is not an inclusive list or guideline but just what I did. 

  • You are your best judge. Within the given restrictions I ate and drink what my body required.
  • I had small, but several meals a day. Helps in case people have Nausea.
  •  As urination is frequent I had a good fluid intake.
  •  During the first three months precautions are necessary. Anything in excess is bad. That holds true for food, drink, noise, light etc. Your baby is in the cell stage help maintain an environment to help it establish in your womb.
  •  I had increased my diet so that the body gradually got prepared for the coming months. My doc asked me to have high calories in moderation. (Calories add pounds to mom and healthy food to the baby.
  •  I used to walk (had office entire 9 months), but one thing was that the body should not be strained or stressed.
  • Regular checkups were there
  •  One thing I deciphered over the months is that take each day as it comes, when in doubt consult our doc
  • Take good sleep. Afterwards you are probably going to be deprived of it.
  • Talk about your feelings with your spouse and enjoy the journey together.(remember, each journey has its ups and downs)
Enjoy your life and feel proud as this is only because of you that another life is coming to this world. Once the little one comes in your arms you will forget those 9 months no matter how they went and whether you had a c-section or normal.

Its only once we become moms ourselves do we realize our mothers worth.
Three cheers for all the moms!!

Take Care !

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