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April 9, 2012

Love my new profession - Being Mom

It has been a few years now, since I left my job. I have not been idle though. But the roles have changed drastically and also the perspective of people.

A few weeks after I left my job I had my baby. So technically speaking I never have been free.But to the world I appear to be a poor soul,  out of work , unemployed, sitting at home.But believe me, raising a child is no Child's play.I  am not saying this because I am at home but because I have seen both the worlds. Office had been easier, also you get your credit there monetarily and role wise too.

But this job is never credited.My child has been away from canned food and powders.He has barely ever wet his bed, has a fairly good vocabulary for the age. This is an reward that I personally take as a compliment.

I don't now whether to pinpoint at the structure or myself, but, I feel there is a need for something credible for mothers like me.Every person who has had an education wants to work. Work does not mean taking orders,  entrepreneurwork too. Somewhere the initiative is lacking among the people and not to forget the support.

Talking about me, job was not to be at the cost of our baby. I have friends and acquaintance who are working and the difference in bringing up the child is prominent. No one is wrong, but we had wanted it this way. But society has other plans and now I have to toil from the start. Not that it matters much as long as emotional support is there.

I don't intend to be a literate working person but an educated  working parent. The only thing missing from life at the point is a salary; rest is the same.  I try and read books, blogs ,reviews, and surf net to keep myself updated .Sometimes while in a group I tend to know more than my working friends.

 Now that my baby is growing, I will try and go back to work. It is my belief that for a healthy and balanced child the parents need to grow once again with the child. It is then, that the road is a happy  journey.

Work or no work is the choice of an individual or else a couple. What works for one person may not work for the other. The aunties will talk either way; whether you are working or not. I have complete respect for the stay at home mothers and the working mothers.When the roles change, so do the responsibilities and it is up to the person to fulfil them.

There is nothing wrong if due to some reason you are  at home. Work enables you to keep yourself alert, updated and confident; point taken. At home one tends to lose the pace of life and surrenders to time. This attitude is wrong. If a healthy routine is maintained, that sour and dejected feeling will never arise.Learn to love yourself.

I have friends sulking over the family or  profession. Just one sentence for them - Do not restrict your role to a housewife but put on the cap of a home maker.Love whatever role you are playing, tomorrow when you get to relive your other path you may regret not enjoying this time.

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