April 26, 2012

Blogs: Easily written but Tough to Promote I

 It is good to think and work; but sometimes it is the thinking part that takes the whole good time and leaves with little time for execution. Our ideas may be fantastic but unless put to use they are worthless. Everything in this world has a life and its best time for it the projected before the world.

So many times we have put our efforts into things that end up being futile. Everything seems to be fine, all homework done, best team at work but response is bad. Again either the audience is not ready for your idea or else they have grown above that level.

If we want our work to be accepted, we need to put our thoughts on the platter and alter them according to the tastes of the people. No, compromise is not the solution. What is required; is a little addition or deletion of personal emotions in our work.  Tough to accomplish task, but nothing lost in trying.

Another reason for the work not being accepted; maybe the fact, that when we come to put that pen to paper ‘our thoughts and our expressions do not match’.

No, we do not need to lose hope, as it is said “practice makes a man perfect.”Make it a habit to respond quickly to your thoughts and give them the desired expression. See how that potter comes out with the best of figurines, pots, decorations etc., with just clay and water In hand. Nobody praises him directly, but when those very pieces adorn our homes; indirectly he receives his credit.

This fact holds true for everybody and there shall come a day when our work too will be accepted and appreciated.

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