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April 11, 2012

Network Traps

I have been a user of the cell phone since a very long time. Its been years and I have shifted from a simple gadget for just making calls to the upgraded one where net, messages calls, camera, touch and things I have not yet discovered are present.

But one thing for sure has not changed; that is the poor customer relation services of the network provider.Then, this is not restricted to the mobile ,any service regarding these electronics you take and the story is the same.

Few of the favorites of the service provider are:
1) sorry for the inconvenience caused. we regret...

2)Service is temporarily unavailable.Kindly try later...

3)some technical problem in the system...

4) Sir this issue cannot be resolved kindly pay a meager amount and take other STB.

We have the choice to select our provider but I ask when THEY lure the customer its 'CUSTOMER IS KING' but once inside their grip even answering a simple call becomes a burden for them.
And how many times can we change the service provider.

The other day I gave them a call and the response I got made me sick.They ask about the problem and then sit as though their lips have been sealed with a gum. Instead of giving a solution they just keep on repeating the same lines .

Maybe this is how they get their earnings.

From one person they cut around 100 bucks a month.
if  they have around 10000 customers who get affected.
their earnings get near around a whooping 100000 buck

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