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April 10, 2012


Some feelings are beyond words; reunion with friends or a simple conversation with an old pal is one of them. It is refreshing! Old is such a funny word, it brings to our mind something weak, degrading, frail...but when taken with the word, friend it adds a depth to the relationship.

As goes the saying "old wine gets better with age", so does the friendship.

Friends make you see things rationally; they may not speak up right away but will always try to be true to you. They listen to you even when, what you speak makes no sense. You may fight over the silliest of things, however; your fights only make the bond stronger.

This bond is so funny you do not need hours to speak up your mind; the tone of your voice is enough to tell your state. It is only in the friendship that generation gap hold no place as it just about the correct vibes.

They are the secret bearers and the only ones who accepted you for being the ‘unique piece’ you are. At least mine did! They make you feel there are others of your type still existent in this world. Really, friends do make us feel light and good.

I always wondered as to how I would ever know who my friends for life are. I have found my solution; "no matter after how long you meet or chat over the phone; it appears that the last meeting was the day before.”

How do I say so…?

Well, A few weeks back I met an old but young friend of mine after a span of ten years, one hug was enough to sublime the patch of time, and we felt as if our last meeting was just yesterday at the university.

Love you all my friends.

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  1. Very sweet post....Yeah you are right...I have my few best friends from last 14 yrs and whn we are on phone ...PATA NAHI KITNI AAR GAS PAR SABZI JAL CHUKI HAI...:):)..

  2. Beautiful write up

  3. Indeed, you are so right... True friends are rare but if one has them... one is rich beyond any measurement.
    Thank you for participating in ABC-Wednesday, wishing you fun and hope to see you again next time ;-)

    have a nice day
    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫ (abc-W-team)

    1. Friends are indeed a treasure. Thanks to this new medium we also get the chance new people from around the web. Making new friends!

    2. Hang onto true friends. You will automatically know when you meet one - they're so special.

      abcw team

    3. That is such a beautiful thought .... thanks for the lovely words Leslie.

  4. I have friends from 1958!


    1. Wow! That is the kind of 'gold' I was talking about. Cheers for the 'Friendship' you share.


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