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April 5, 2012

Try it yourself

I tried it years before  'Jab We Met ' was released.

Are you feeling low? dejected? blah! blah! blah!  All those things that make you feel like a crap...then vent out your feelings by writing down what and how you are feeling .I have been doing this since my school days.

By writing I do not mean complete sentences but words , zig zags, doodles , scribbles ...whatever comes to your mind...just put in down on paper. Mind you paper can be an old newspaper,tissue,whatever...
Now that you are done shred the paper into dozens of pieces......Aah relief....

Once you are through this step you can jot your feelings easily at the next level. that is through net....via blogs or the notes page in your mail.

Try it and do tell how it felt.

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