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April 2, 2012

An uphill task: loosing weight

I am not here to write about the diet programs that could help loose weight. But wait, there is something that you should try before any weight loss program; whether going on a diet or dieting.

Never starve yourself. If God had proposed it to be that way, hunger would not exist.

1 )   The biggest reason why you are not losing weight is because you have this fear inside you that “what if I never lose weight?’ Ahh! My dear friend this is the biggest hindrance in your weight loss program.

  Scare away your fears. Affirm and say to yourself everyday maybe it may take days, weeks or months but you will lose weight.

2)  Next, don’t let those temptations get you.  When that favorite dish of yours looks pleading at you to just take a nibble or when that aroma takes you to a new world don’t get fooled.

2    Just stare at it and casually affirm and say I will eat that entire plate but not today. Sometimes it is the distances that get us together and it holds true for all the love in the nature.

3 )  Hunger cannot be beaten by staying hungry.  Food is not the culprit that added those pounds to you. But your mismanagement did.

    Eat your meals but just break them up into several meals a day. A word of CAUTION:  do not increase the quantity of food Intake.

4)Sometimes you are just not hungry. But an urge to have something is there. This is Pseudo-hunger. The fluid level in your body is low.

 Take a cue first have a glass or two of water. You may not go for that bite.  Caution: Do not gorge on the water

 5)Do not let your body bloat up. Sometimes there is water retention and we appear on the heavier side.  Food has got nothing to do with it.

 Have enough fluid throughout the day.

6)Maintain what you have lost. Just because the rate of losing weight is slow does not mean that, the weight loss program has flopped and you have a reason to eat.

Try and maintain the weight and after sometime start afresh on your regime.

7) When we have nothing to do, when we are in a mood to celebrate, or when we are in a bad mood, our focus tends to be on food. As it’s the easiest available diversion of our thoughts.

Also always remember to engage yourself in some activity or the other.

Enjoy the small happy moments in your life. Live your life and do not mere exist. Love yourself. Rest will follow.

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