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May 19, 2012

Addicted:Am I?

I do not know if it happens with everyone or not; but, I am getting addicted. Oh! please do not over work those brain cells. I am getting addicted to writing.Be it the kitchen, room,watching TV etc.; my brain is overworking.Topics and situations eagerly waiting to be penned down; uh ho! typed down. Even when I am not writing any particular post I end up typing few sentences here or there in MS word.

Another thing that I have noticed is that writing (as in pen and paper )does not hold that charm now.Somehow the speed of the thoughts and that of the pen do not match.Typing stimulates my mind and the lazy fingers flicker here and there on the keyboard.Words keep pouring .

Does everyone has this thing? Or like every new thing the craze will be there for few days or months and then vanish into oblivion.I have always loved surfing the net.I had a collection of some brilliant works. Now, it is different.
May be it helps me react to my surroundings indirectly. Or else does a calming effect.Some solid reason must be there.

Whatever the reason may be, but one thing is sure, that I am enjoying the moments. At least  the energy is being channelized for the good.If not good,  but still channelized. Ugh! enough confusion for me and for you.One more thing before I stop;Addicted: are you too?

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