December 16, 2012

His First Trip at 14 Months - What I learnt

 A trip, be it short or long breaks the monotony and adds a flavor to the otherwise bland life. Just as an adult benefits from change so does a child too.

My first trip with my kid was when he was just 14 months old.  Fortunately he had started walking early and was potty trained so no major issues were involved. However, I was a bit reluctant when my husband enthusiastically told me about a family trip their office had arranged.  My enthusiasm was effervescent. This time it was different.We were parents now.

The family thing was not going well with me. After arguments the 'biwi'( wife) of the ' mia, biwi, baccha(please read family) won and I packed my better half's bag the night before 'The Family Trip'. Cleaned Bowled! or so I thought.
Next morning my husband played his final stroke hitting for a six. We were woken up in the wee hours announcing the declaration. "The family trip means with the family so 'we' are going and not just 'me' ". In a state that is between the dreams and the sleep; a soul of wife temper, "how could he just... last moment " I packed our bags too.
My 'better half' proved himself better in this decision at least. Contrary to my expectations the trip was quite endearing. A few things that I learnt from our first family outing.

Unbelievable! My baby did not put any tantrums nor did he cry. This made me realize how protective we become over small things. Only a situation can teach a child how to react, verbal teachings are just to please ourselves. He interacted with people, followed his daily routine. No fuss created. I felt proud. No this was no big deal but gradually my kid was learning things. The point was taken; children learn from what they see and not what they are told. When left to himself he acted accordingly.

We went for the rides one by one. He did not pester to be taken along. He was enjoying himself. Looking at what all was going around. It is us who try and give alternatives to our child. If I had been at home, maybe I would have tried to overcome my guilt by giving an alternative to my child. By alternatives I mean 'chocolates,biscuits, chips Etc.' Or else give another bribe saying 'see ma will do blah blah blah.....then you will do/get .....'

The funny part is that I was climbing the ropes he was cheering with his father. That time frame is etched in my mind. Genetically we are related but my child is an individual first.

We should be a guide to our children. We should not fulfill our dreams through them. Maybe we did not get something in our childhood but that does not mean they need it now. Provide your child with what is good for him and what he requires; not what you ever wished for. At least I will try it. Rest God knows.

I still thank my husband for that trip. Gradually our outings increased and now the 'family trips' are highlights during vacations.


  1. I enjoyed reading this! It is so true that children find their own way in life and surprise us with the choices they make.
    Wil, ABCW Team

  2. Thanks, Wil. Children are like the trails to hidden treasure!


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