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May 8, 2012

Bang on : Aamir khan

The Sunday gone,'SATYAMEV JAYATE'  had its first show.The show format is such that the feelings that arise are somewhat similar to what generate at the time of 'INDEPENDENCE DAY' or the ' REPUBLIC DAY'.

The show is worth watching. It will probably wake up few thousand souls from the millions residing in our country.I know thousand : millions is a small ratio but then drops make the sea.
Aamir Khan has been very subtle throughout the show.The show spoke for itself ,he acted as 'SUTRADHAAR'.But there were people who tried to project it otherwise.we all know he is a celebrity and the stature he has maintained is of a thinking, when he associates with a cause it adds credibility to it. 

Work was being done even before he entered the scenario. Several people working towards a goal get together and the public becomes aware are working for this cause but now even the common man will think about it.

The best part has been that if the show puts forth the issue;it also has examples were hurdles also have not stopped the people from doing right.
As for Aamir khan; he is being praised because he is doing something which we do not expect from a star. If he had contributed monetarily or in person; no hula would have arisen but to lead a pack is different.The show is not about dance and bollywood. But it is about us and the changes that only we can bring.

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