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June 16, 2013

Daddy's Girl #monday musings

I am a girl,
My daddy's girl.
He showed me the ways of life  and was always there by my side.
Papa, I love you for what you have made me,
for the vision you gave me.
The critic in you brought the best out of me.
I don't know how, but you always know,
the way I feel.

Your had your own little ways to make me feel secure;
My tough papa has a softer side for sure.
No kissing and cuddling from you;
But I know you love us too.
The way you held us through life's night and day;
keeping the problems at bay.

Papa I feel proud to be your little girl.
 My daddy's girl.

Father and daughter in the park Stock Photo - 16167336
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Though I had written this poem around two years back it still holds true to its emotion even today.

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  1. That's too cute :) I agree, we don't know how, but he always knows how we feel!

    1. Thanks Harsha.
      Its just that we as children may be ignorant at times...

  2. what a wonderful tribute to your dad!

    1. Thank you :)
      My father laughs when he reads the poem, maybe he is more comfortable with the unspoken.

  3. Anonymous20:55

    Cute and endearing post. The love expressed by a daughter and father has been told in such a beautiful way:)

    1. Thank You Vishal for liking this post. :)


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