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May 24, 2012

Down the Memory Lane...

Yesterday after a nearly futile day, the evening  brought with it some relief. Out of the blue,something struck and I started cleaning my bookshelf. I saw something hidden between the books. The glimpse brought a smile on my face and took me down the memory lane.

It was a folder.I should say 'the folder'.It is special to me. This was gifted to me by a friend when I was in secondary school. Sam, this is her nickname.That day in school after the summer vacations she  came to school with a similar folder. I had just like that praised the folder she had bought from some tourist place.(childish fancies I think) and a few days later I had one in my hand. Somehow, she had managed to get it for me.So, the folder holds a special place in my heart.
Old and tattered  folder with fresh memories

Sam, a dear friend of mine. We both had joined the school together. Same day, same class and same section.All through the school had fun with our gang. It was a mutual liking amongst the group;  but as time passed the interactions got less. No reason,just like that.A gradual drift came.By the time we reached college; the friendship was restricted to yearly exchange of wishes. We are in contact through the networking sites but it is different now.Still the memories are worth living again and again.

Inside this folder, I found a note. This was from Sniggy. Another friend of mine from school. Dated to the time when we were in class twelfth.I was in science section.(perceived to be nerds). There were certain things not expected from the class.(As if we had horns or wings and others did not or else the reverse).Whatever, but our class was like any other normal class.During the lectures no noise was made;sincere students you know. ;) Actually notes were passed around. all communication was made through it. This was one such note. A mischievous smile came on my face. Felt like a student again. Happy days.
'The note' from the past

Not that the present is any less; but the charm of those days is unmatched. Two insignificant things brought such freshness to the day. We do not realize the importance of the present ; till it becomes our past.

" The charm of this life lies in the quests of the future and the memories of the past"

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