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May 14, 2012

Happy Mother's Day: an open letter

Dear mum,

I do not believe that a day is enough to celebrate someone as special as you. Still, I would like to convey something to you.

I may have never said it before, but ma you are special to me. Unknowingly, day by day I am turning into you.This has brought several realizations with it and with each thought you and papa have become more precious to me.

'Thank you' is too small a gesture for all  the things you have done for me.I am short of words to express nor do I have any gifts to match you. I can only promise to try my best and be a good child to you.

You were always there for me;through my various moods and phases.At times what you said  made little sense to me but now I realize their worth. I remember how you would cite examples of situations and people.Frankly speaking , that time  it went above the head but now  I realize that these only helped us move through the tough times. At that time it felt as if alone we had tackled the situation; but now I am aware that you had already prepared us to take situations upfront.

It is tough to practice and preach.For you it does not hold  true. You have always been a good example to us. I remember how you would encourage us into healthy discussions. You have been like a friend.Had it not been the way you brought us up, we would not have been what we are today.Thanks for challenging those lazy brain cells.

There have been several things that I may not have understood or realized.But nothing ever was intentional.We cannot go back in time but I promise to be friends with you for ever.

Love you,
Your daughter

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