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June 6, 2012

Blogs: Easily Written but Tough to Promote ( II )

This is evident now that mere expertise or skill does not take a person anywhere. One has to market those skills to bring them to the notice of the general public.Once, the word is out the author is the king of his/her domain. Until then, s/he is at the mercy of the profile visitors.
Ask any person who has a blog. The initial stage is quite cumbersome.The eyes are always on the HITS. Its painful to see slight variations in the blog visits. There is creativity involved, but it comes second to the visibility of blog. I may be good in my domain,but until I find my audience my blog shall move in a slow pace.

There are several ways which help bring audience to your blog. Just type this query on Google and the number of hits you get will vouch for my point. I am a victim of this blog mania too. The urge to check the posts was like an addiction in the initial days. Now, I have understood "Rome was not built in one day." I just try to be as frequent in posting as possible.

Writing may be your forte. Just brush up those marketing and networking skills to get your blog in the league.To be noticed one needs to give due attention to others too.Read and  give comments on other people's blog too. I may be new to this Arena, but in the last few months I have had my share of up's and downs to make me realize the importance of what I may appear to be preaching.

First hand experience for the people like me. I still have not  had an complete exposure to this world of blogging..So, in case you have some facts to share kindly be my guest. It will definitely help new bloggers like me .

"Patience is the key to success"

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