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June 14, 2012

Relationship status – complicated

Everybody has sometime In their life given a thought to the relationships in their lives. There is a flavor of relationships in our life. Some relations are sweet, others sour; some crumble under the burden of life, others adhere even in the storms and turbulence of life.
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Today, while watching a show on television I realized that there is another relationship that comes with the law. This relationship has a status, unlike any other. It is Complicated. Now I am not talking about the husband and wife relationship. You do not have a husband in law or a wife in law. These relationships come with a tag ‘_in law’.
As such the general public hates to follow the law. Here an entire relationship is called ‘-in law’. May be this is what makes it complicated. Anything under the law comes with a restriction. So does this relation.
No, matter how transparent or friendly both the parties try to be, how much the love and care factor prevails; both are always on guard. If both are sane they try to mend and take relation forward.
Are we on guard with our parents too?  Do we need to prove our presence and emotions to them too? I know in rare cases the situation may arise with your parents too, but not often.
Sometimes with the grace of God all moves fantastically, still unknowingly you are trying hard. Nobody has a reason for this. Who should be blamed?  These relationships come late in our life so need to be nurtured. Respect and love should not be for the relationship but the person. Relationships should not bear the burden of customs and traditions that are outdated. Path will be covered fast if both the parties move towards each other.
The ease that shall come with the relations would automatically bury the nasty rituals and customs of the society. Relationships are when both parties treat each other equally.  A relationship of dominance does not work for long.
We may drag such relationships but never live with them.
We need to change. The society will change gradually. This should not be for ‘the law’ but for us and a better tomorrow.

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