September 28, 2012

I fraandsheep to you pleej ?

I would like to thank the people who send such spam. The very thought provoking mails  and messages motivated me for this post. No matter how bugging these posts may be , but sometime or the other have brought smile on a sad face.

from via google searh

Having said all these good things just hope these spam from lottery winning propositions, to being the heir of a millionaire stop. Why would a soft drink company or a a bank would contact a person; just like that.

It is also funny that people actually fall to such gimmicks. Some go for the money, others click the link just for fun. Most funny part is that the people who show such grandeur on a person want the receiver of the gift to part with personal details. People actually fall for it.

True Incident -

 My pa received a call from 'A'  who happens to be the son of his close friend.'A' had fell for one such deal.He wanted my father to have a conversation with the third party, as he felt that would help leave a mark.

My Pa, being part of  'THE' generation does not believe in free gifts and tried to make 'A' understand this little fact. Still, on being repeatedly coaxed, pa ended up talking to the guy who was some phorenher (foreigner) .

Conversation -
My pa started in Hindi, as a habit. Alas! reply came in Hindi.  As conversation proceeded and the reason was made clear. The person on the other side started talking in eyngleesh. 'yuh knah, yahh (you know, ya)types.

Well for that bhaiya ji ' Dil ke armaan aasuon mein beh gaye'.

Coming back to the point, see even learned people fall for such traps.

One thing is for sure I love the way those friendship messages use the language. I attempt the same here. Kindly review.

I frandsheep you. I no you knot. but frandship i do you.
you  answer me when time is you. you become happy promis i you two.
sea you.

Wow, my happiness has no bounds. Some attempt I made. Believe me when I say that these 3- -4 lines took more time than the entire post.

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