October 27, 2012

Alive Or Dead?

Death is when heart stops working. This is when the supply of vital components to the body stops. Likewise a person who has evaded all feelings and emotions is not alive. At least that is how I see it. The day that man on the Bull comes for me I want to be contended from my life.

Brains help overcome the toughest situations in life. If the person who is brainstorming is happy the way things are going that is being alive. If one is just out there doing the routine as a machine; it is as good as being...

If we are able to contribute in any small way to the society I would call it living. It does not matter if one is a working professional or a home body. All great people stay alive even after their souls depart. Do not we remember them, talk about them, their work or how they touched the lives? It can be our relative, colleague or any acquaintance. Their thoughts always stay with us. That for me is living.

We are living beings but due to several factors forget the essence of living and merely exist. The attitude towards life has got nothing to do with age, money, education or family. Do not we wonder sometimes how the person working for us seems happy with lesser means than us? So that proves the point.

Matters of the heart do not mean under utilizing the brain's potential. It is about enjoying life for what it is. It is about striving for the better and enjoying the present. Attitude takes us through the rough patches. What has to come will come; it is up to us how we wish to cross that phase. Why cry over things we cannot change? Life will just stagnate brooding over the past. We should try and learn to move ahead in life. Again, those who actually live life will push themselves forward and those who just exist will wait for the tides of time to change.

No one can teach us the art called life. It is up to us how we wish to paint the canvas of life. The strokes we make, the colours we wish to use. Let’s be dead when the time comes, lets live our today for it is our present.

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