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October 1, 2012

Dew Drops in a Concrete Jungle

I woke up a little early today. Somehow the mood was very light. Maybe had a good dream. I do not remember anything. Just feel good today. It takes me some time to get out of my bed. Today was different. I was suddenly pulled towards the window. That shining little pearl drew me to itself

Wow! After such a long time I saw a dew drop. I know it’s not a new phenomenon. Still, for someone living in a concrete jungle a drop of water had brought with it several memories. It was plain beautiful. As the sun began to rise, the rays made the dew more exotic. I just cannot get the picture out of my head. I was stuck to my window enjoying the nature’s creation; as more leaves had begun to have dew on them.

A childlike fetish had developed. I brought everyone in the house to view the dew. My little one shared my joy. I realized something today. In our quest for the unknown, sometimes the little joys of life go unnoticed. My day had a lovely start.

 The pictures were taken from a mobile phone by an amateur photographer. Still, hope others  will enjoy it too.

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