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October 5, 2012

The Unexpected Showers

This is Tuesday. Since the last two days 'Indra' The God of Rain' is making his presence felt strongly here.It would start raining unexpectedly. It actually rains 'Cats and Dogs'. The sound is deafening.Still, I give the credit to the rains for making me remember the photograph. I had taken this photograph when the monsoon had just arrived

The rain blurs out the vision. Still, the memories it brings are ... I do not have any to describe it.
  • I remember getting wet in the early monsoon showers. My ma shouting behind us to take care. 
  • Playing in the puddle, those paper boats had their own charm.
  • Getting wet even when carrying an Umbrella.
  • Hot Pakodas ... Ummm!! Already salivating..Still have that flavor in mouth
  • The smell of wet mud (just loved it) Still can get to smell that mud by wetting that earthen pots !!
Rains meant fun. Now, we wait for the monsoons to come. We want Monsoons to get rid of the heat. When the Monsoon arrives, then crib how the clothes don't dry or the smell and dampness that invades the houses. 

Monsoon still has its charm. How we wish to get out of the office or leave our work to enjoy rains? Quite often the charm ends there itself. Outside we need a shelter.
I was lucky this year. I got to relive my childhood monsoon. My mother and me had a blast when the rains came unexpectedly. There was no shelter around. As we were in the by lanes of our colony , any mode of transport was also not available. So, by default we got wet. 
It was fun !!! :)

Lets cheer for the rains with the drink of the Monsoon. ;)

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