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January 9, 2013

Bharat Mata ke Kuputra

"...kuputro jayet kvachidapi kumata na bhavati..."

Ahh! They proved it once again. The incident that happened in Delhi brought with it so many hidden truths. Did you hear the comments, the way people see such situations is a shame to a country that boasts of development. Clothing and women were the crux of the incident. That is how some people seemed to react

If the diagnosis is incorrect how will a doctor reach for a cure and what will be the prognosis for the future?
Same holds true for normal life. There are people out there blaming girls. Hello, "ilaaj karna hai to bimari toh pehchano" Change needs to be within the society. It should start from homes; the children need to be taught; to bring an effective change.

Law will be helpful only if the justice is on time. No matter how fast is the progress; without a solid conclusion it is worthless.

Three cheers for the women who stood out there firm. I do not know about others but the scenario in the country made me restless and scared .I hope that people will not have a negative impact of all this. Hope the girls and the women will not be confined to the four walls of their homes.

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The way people are commenting is funny; come to think about it " kahin chor ki daadhi mei tika toh nahi..."  A stronger law will grab the culprits of the past too. Another thing is that talking going about the age of a juvenile ...juvenile ....such misdeeds and a juvenile??? Please this is some joke, which most of India will laugh at. Here we are not talking about some petty crime, that juvenile should be taken into consideration. What better proof of the persons physical and mental growth than this...

Lets at least chart out a path so that the future will be better.
Lets actually make  our 'BHARAT MAHAAN"

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