January 18, 2013

MILs and Boom - A Mother Daughter in law Saga

There is no spelling mistake.
If you have come to this page with the perception of reading a love affair or a mushy story; you are at the wrong place. This post is far from being on the path of a boy meet girl affair. Though, it definitely gives a glimpse of a relationship of the next level.
Enter the protagonist.

Zoom in on the lady. She may have been a ‘abhla nari’ years back, now that another lady has come; she no longer is the Nirupama Roy of the family. It’s quite natural; unknowingly she time and again becomes the  Lalita Pawar.  Maybe Miss Ekta kapoor knows every woman’s fate and my tomorrow shall be same. “Kyonki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi”

This is one funny story. ‘Kahani  ghar ghar ki’ Two women ; both in love with the same man. Both love the man but fight over him to raise his blood pressure, tense him and make him realize that ghar no longer is the ‘swarg’ he longed for. ‘Aakhir pyaar mei sab chalta hai’ Haina?

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This relation is such that even if both stay normal; the other will always feels something is abnormal. I had in one of my articles stated the ‘in law ‘phenomenon. So deep rooted is this word that to act otherwise is impossible. Trust is something that is present and absent at the same time. So much for the attention of a man who does not care if it is potato or mutton for dinner; as long as the dinner is served warm and on time. Still the silent war never ceases. If any one of them leaves the arms; abruptly the other would think'dekha mujhe pata tha ab kyo she backed off?" One vicious circle it is.

 Now there is something to make the  MILs and DILs  happy.See if the ma in law was to be our mother then what will be her son’s relation with us?  So they are the inlaw…. Same holds true for the latter. That makes it clear why we have one mother and one mother like 
 figure for the couple. Are you Happy now?

This story generally rotates around the women of the house.  Have you realized the Saas of the Boy is on the ever pleasing role … on the other side saas of the girl on the ‘see who is the boss’ role? They rule the itinerary of the couple.

Come to think of it; the two people who just got married have other plans in their heart. Let’s live for once. The time the two people should spend with each other is spent learning about the aunty and uncle and their tastes. Not to forget the dinners and lunches…  To know each other better you go off on a holiday….  So we learn that to have a space of our own we need to be away from the people.  Well, let the two people settle, and then call them for the rendezvous. Uhhoh! I forgot 'beta duniya aise nahi chalti hai… favorite line. As if we are aliens married to be taught duniyadari.

Why do they need to marry off their children if they are still 'Bacchhas'? Too much interference brings only doom to the lives of the couple. With all the silent wars and the bedroom fights its just BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! With all the fire and crackling going inside such households is not it right to call MILs and Boom?

Lets hope we can bring some positive change as we reach the same phase; For I know the grass is always greener on the other side.

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