March 1, 2013


About my first touch;
The first time I was touched I do not remember much.
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Still I believe that you must have held me really close and kissed me on my head.
Then held my hand with teary dew in your eyes; the same dew that I had seen when we had said goodbye.
I lay in your arms protected in the warmth of your bosom; listening to the rhythm of your heart.
The world meant nothing to me; but slowly you became the world to me.
None of us remembers that first touch; still deep within the feeling stays with us.
Why else, would I call your name in danger? It is for that first touch I fail to remember. But for my soul that is no stranger.
I am married and settled. I may be miles apart. Still, I am a part of you and our souls can never part.
Love you Mom!

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