May 26, 2013

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of Beholder

I am pretty, that's for sure.
You may not agree, but I know.
Ask my mother what she feels;
She will tell you I am her Queen.
Ask my father, what he has to say?
He'll make it clear;
seeing my face keeps his problems away.

Beauty is not the face alone;
but what lies within.
What you see today may fade tomorrow;
what stays forever is what lies within.
Marriages are not made in heaven for sure.
Why would  it end as hell or a sore?
Marriages happen when 'I' and 'You' make me.
So, mere appearances should not make you choosy.

Life is lived with a spouse.
Selecting a partner through a single parameter;
 leaves a lot for doubt
If you think otherwise, please move on.
I need a man with a vision and not mere eyes;
to see what lies within when the mask falls aside.

I am no trophy that you have to win,
Being what I am is not a sin.
I am pretty I do know; 
your eyes betray you that is for sure.

Tomorrow will bring me close to someone beautiful within;
all I care for is a happy living.
I am pretty I do know;
You cannot see it;
 that's your problem for sure.

Written in response to some articles and threads I had read.Marriages are not about appearances and money alone. Compatibility and passion for living is a strong base to live years together.


  1. Very well said Ira. It reminds me of a lovely song, Gore range pe na itna gumaan kar, gora rang do din mein dhal jaayega....

    Marriage has a lot more than looks and six figure salary.

    Hope you enjoy reading my post on wedding flight.

  2. Anonymous07:27

    Hey you so good Ira . I loved it :) . But do you really think this happens when we go for an arrange marriages. neither side looks for the beauty within, but the salary ,home for the grrom and beauty or dowry is the parameter for bride. All rejections whether it's or times matrimony are based upon salary or dowry . :(. We do not have eyes to see the inner beauty be it bride or grrom , our eyes have lenses that can see all the "CHalachond " of outer side and we just go for it.
    Yes i guess all the love marriages are adorned with the inner beauty of the couples. They set up their home with love , care and not with the dowry or outer beauty.

    1. Hey Nimi,
      Well the thing is that all people are not alike. How people meet is a matter of chance. However, if a person is genuinely as good as he or she appears on the surface all relationships will work. Our lives are still affected by the peer and society pressures so certain norms stay alive.
      Love or arranged there is no guarantee. Fingers crossed and try to stay positive as long as one can!
      By the way thanks for liking the post. :)

      By the way


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