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June 28, 2013

Do you know why that cloud burst?

Do you know why that cloud burst?
Just to quench earth's thirst.
Do you know why people died?
Nature has way to make us realize
 There is more to life.
courtesy: Google

No matter if, people were rich or poor
They were treated same at its doors.
When nature comes out to play
Influence and money have no say.
It has no relations
It feels no love
In its fury it just will not stop.
Sad and neglected for years,
Revenge it wants for the wear and tear.

It is never too late to learn
Let us mend ways before it turns stern
It has showed us where we lay,
How a cloud made us stray.
courtesy Google
Let us learn to love nature
.It alone holds the key for the future.
Without it, money is of no use.
Let us protect it before it becomes a muse.


  1. Very well written.The govt shud have taken adequate steps after leh cloudburst/last year Uttarakhand landslides.But the construction kept going on..and now c..people r dying its sad to see that.

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    1. Thank you Ankita.
      Prevention is better than cure is just a line for us you see.Hope we realize soon.

  2. Beautiful poem
    I have written something on same issue.
    would love to have your view on it
    here is the link to it.

    1. Thank you Arch Wordsmith.Read your poem.
      Every line is a picture of what happened.Well written Poem.


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