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June 8, 2013

Happy I am!

I am happy today,
my belief in myself is restored.
I believe now, that I can keep the problems away.

I have learned a lesson.
Slowly, but eventually you get what you seek;
No matter if the future initially appeared bleak.
I will move ahead,
no matter what the people say.
I will achieve my goals and on that peak
I will stay.

Single sea gull flying against background of blue sky and white
 I realized that if a person has courage and no herd mentality;
people are bound to comment and make you feel guilty.
I alone am answerable for my deeds; 
They will just push me down further if I plead.
I intend to stand tall and held my head high.
My time has come and I will fly.
I will fly in that blue sky with birds and the breeze;
 let them envy, as they may please.
 Let them do what they wish,
For them the grapes are sour,
They cannot even catch their own fish.

I just wish to enjoy and move ahead.
Something tells me to just do it;.
Whatever I have decided in my head.
 It tells me  the success is all mine 
 I am the winner,
I shall shine!


  1. thats simply beautiful, very well written :-)

    1. Thank u for sparing time.


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