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June 17, 2013

Too Sweet for Me
Have you ever come across people, who are too sweet? I am not talking about people who are gentle, but those who are sweeter than sugar.  How do I distinguish?   You gain the expertise over a period. For the beginners see how they are with people and situations. The insulin resistant (excessively sweet people) will have different codes of conduct for different people. They are soft spoken to the extent that an insulin injection would fail in front of them. They think world is a report card where only ‘A grades’ are acceptable. To make matters worse the report card unknowingly covers the entire clan. The burden of this worldly analysis is quite cumbersome.

Gentleness is a virtue; it is independent of the person receiving it. A gentle person will not be able to see anyone in distress or suffering. Some way they will help you or at least show a path. How would you put it, if a seemingly gentle person feels no pain for a crying child? Just because they are not interested in the humanly chores they keep their ears and eyes shut. Is it a coincidence?  Well, then in front of a live audience the love and care returns; any explanations?
I am at a loss of words to express the feeling I have during such encounters. I am no good either; as a human being I may score low too. I too cannot stand up for the truth either may time but then I have same eye for all. Does a person really need to live to please others that too at the cost of family?  I seek answers. For me gentleness is not a physical attribute. It is something abstract if I am right.
I do not wish to question anybody but this is something that puts my mood off. I do not like pretenses still I surrender.Though the fact remains that I am allergic to too much of sweetness around me


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