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July 11, 2013

Friday Bioscope

“Toh tum aa he gaye iss BLOG POST par. Mujhko pata tha ek din tum zaroor aaogay.”
“…main tera khoon peejaunga. Aisa mat kehna ab. 

Ab pahunch he gaye ho to padhh he lo aagay bhi. Nahi toh… 

 ( Arey pehle aise hota tha, ab kahan?) 

That ‘disshum disshum’ had its own charm. Climax scene was never an enigma still without blinking people would wait for the hero to enter and beat up the villains.

Maaaaa! The word itself had an aura to make children long for their mothers. Nirupama Roy yaad aa gayein. Mothers were not one song wonders you see! (maa Song in TZP)

At least we have become more responsible towards our progeny. No longer do the parents lose their children in ‘kumbh ka mela’. Some relief!  :)

Mujhe bhagwaan ke liye chhod do! Long lost dialogue, isn’t it? No female actor says it these days. Alternatively, that ‘silli billi’ crooked mother in law who would give these telly mother in laws a run for their money. Lalita pawar ji. She was a terror without guns and grenades.

The point is the movies had their own pace and style. Live commentaries were inevitable. Anticipation was high throughout the movie still; people sat through the entire movie something not possible today.

Aye ji suniye toh…, munne ki amma idhar to aana                                  

What if as a couple we talk like this? Once I tried something on similar lines. Response was out of this world. You cannot reach to that level. He thought someone was pulling his leg. He kept on saying “haanji! haanji!”over the phone. Men do not want this respect any more. Try talking with eyes to these men and they will embarrass you in front of the crowd. “Kya hua aankh mei kucch ghuss gaya kya?”

In these days of sms and mms, not necessary that the film follows heart beating prior to flower meeting. Radha rani is no longer afraid of the lala."Mujhe bachaao..." or for that matter " ...mujhe bhagwaan ke liye..." find no space in screenplay.  Maybe we will find them in some gumshuda talash kendra. nari of today prefers a rowdy or a dabanng any day. 
So much has changed over the years. So have the movies too. I am in love with this transition too. However, the dialogues and the songs from yesteryears do not find much of a match.

“Zindagi ke safar mei guzar jaatay hain jo makaam … wo phir nahi aatay… phir nahi aatay”

True Isn't it?


  1. Anonymous08:28

    this was very nice refresher article reminding of the Lalita Pawar days ... and the Maa word extending.. for a minute .. hehehe
    I remember, dialogues like - ghar ek maa hai , ek behen ... hahahha ( ma ideally ek hi hoti hai)
    very nicely written , Ira !!

    1. Thank you.
      As the older generation would say 'wo sunehre din...'


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