July 30, 2013

Steps Retraced through the Green


I had a dream
A place so serene
Happiness all around
Melody in every sound

Then they appeared
All in color green
I assumed more happiness
Forgot green is also envy unseen

Souls sensed the change
Colours began to fade
Hidden were Shades of gray
Waiting for their prey
Life was alarmed
Heartbeat refused to calm
Sounds changed to noise
Man lost all poise

Unseen but strong
Affected us for all things wrong
Rooted us from our soil
Unprepared we drifted along
New Sun, New soil
From beginning, we had to toil
Children affected
Parents hurt
Things needed to start from the dirt.

Years have passed
Situation seems settled
Ask their heart
When noises make it rattle

Dreaming green was no sin
But visiting the past spell a cast
Shaken and sweating I woke up
I had just relived my past.

For long, nobody dared to dream green
Just wished a life with their fellow beings
Childhood did not let me understand
Left we were with no land to stand

I still want to dream a green dream
With a rainbow across the scene
Fragrance and melody adding to its gleam


Don't leave without an impression of your thoughts on what you just read or saw. It is an essential fuel for this blog.

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