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July 9, 2013

writer's block
Putting on my thinking cap
Mixing my mind juice with the brainy sap
Waiting for some plot to arise
Hoping something just pops up and surprise.
 Alas! World is not so straight
Mind refuses to pick up any bait.

Relationships to life
Friendship to bribe
Nothing seems to find its way.
Words just seem to fade away.
Maybe the heart is not involved
Brain is just making things revolve.
Wishing I could write something
Pick up those pieces and tie them in a string.

Nothing is making sense
I am just being tensed.
Pretence I can no longer put.
Waiting until time turns for good.
Keeping the thoughts and pen aside
Just want to say


  1. Anonymous15:30

    You call this a writers block ...haha ... its a good one .. those rhythmic lines must have proved the juice needed to start thinking on something new !

    1. Hmm! It paved a path as building blocks I guess!

  2. Anonymous16:19

    fantastically described the rocks which block the path of a creator but temporarily

    1. Thank you
      May be when one tries to strain too much things get cluttered.


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