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September 13, 2013

Happiness and You

Everybody talks about Happiness. However, each person will have his or her own definition for it. What is happiness?
This part of speech means 'to be in high spirits' or 'satisfied'. It is a tough task to achieve. It coexists with contentment. Often people regard contentment as lower want to strive for more. Is it right?
No, this approach to life is entirely wrong. A person should learn to enjoy what he has. Alongside, work for a better tomorrow. A person himself has to work upon the craft of living happy.
Happiness is a blessing. This blessing is the easiest way to look smarter, younger, and sparkling forever. There are no tricks to can make a person happy. It is a gradual process, which requires small efforts.

A few tips to stay happy.
• You have to choose happiness for yourself. Learn staying at peace with yourself.
• Do not compare yourself or your close ones with others. Everybody is special in his or her own sense.
• Dispose of laid-back attitude. You get good results when you work for them.
• Be optimistic. Do not let results hamper your determination. Accept your failures and let them help as a catalyst to reach your goal.
• Enjoy small things life offers you. Once you start to recognize happiness, you will realize it was always around you.
• Remember, what may bring happiness to others may not prove a correct path for you. Do not waste time pondering over what others are doing Find an approach that suits you best.
• Relax for sometime during the day. Try to learn some new thing every year. It shall boost your confidence.
• Keep yourself hydrated and eat well. Keep your body happy.
• Indulge in some recreation once a while.
• Meditate or pray.
• Listen to people. Everyone can have opinion. Some harmonize with ours others do not. However, do not pass over your reigns to them.
• Take responsibility for your deeds. Blaming is a negative emotion and makes the soul restless and less receptive.
• Learn to forgive. Tomorrow you may stand at the receiving end.
• Instead of sulking, take life one to one and find new ways for your endeavors. Let your past be your teacher. Learn from your mistakes and let the good moments liven up your spirits.
You cannot inherit happiness. It is an art to learn. One has to work upon it constantly. It is a cumulative response of the body, brain, and heart. So, Love and respect yourself. Smile often. Stay positive.

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