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September 5, 2013

Mentors Or Tormentors - Unholy Acts of Holy Men

Happy teacher’s day to all who contribute in some way to establish a healthy society. Since the past few days some ‘Gurus’ have created a havoc in the minds of people and the basis of teacher student relation is under scrutiny. 
Well, guruji’s are supposed to have left the worldly pleasures for the lord himself. To attain the Moksha and have a good karma record they choose the path. However, what we viewed or heard was anything but the path of contentment. Would not you agree?

How will a person who takes the credentials of being a guru act in such a lewd manner? People come to them to seek guidance. What we observe is that the teacher himself needs guidance on the moral and emotional issues.
For them to give knowledge there is supposed to be no discrimination in age, gender, caste, status.  Therefore, they think they are doing the same, as they have mold the interpretations to fulfill their worldly desires.  Such people need to be treated. Their metal confusion is visible all through. Why else would a person comment indecently on women and issue related to them? Still, the people refuse to recognize these signs.
We as individuals need to take charge of our lives and not let others govern the rules for us. Guru takes you through  a path of contentment, teaching you ways to seek happiness in small things and guiding you to achieve your goals. Because of such events, even the actual holy guides shall find themselves in hot soup.
It is good to seek a guide but let us not hold everybody’s and anybody’s hand. The time has come to show these people that it is time for them to pack up. 
For all those guides, mentors, and teachers who have guided generations anonymously through the years one sentence, a very HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!

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