January 27, 2014

If that day...

Standing alone at the crossroads of life she wanted just one thing from life; to live a moment from her past.  She had everything to secure her,  to make her the envy of others. Still, she longed for something. That something that had created a void but no longer was a part of her.

When she was still young she had toiled hard to achieve her goals. She had engrossed herself to raise her siblings out of poverty and dirt. Once persuaded by her family she took a holiday with them. The best time she had spent in years. An isolated patch set up as a resort. A retreat from the chaos of city life.

It was here in these serene surroundings that she lost her heart to someone special.  A person who held her special not for the designation she held, but for the person she was. Life seemed perfect. Now that her soul mate was with her life seemed complete. 

However all came to a halt just a day before the holiday was to end. He proposed to her. She agreed. He wanted an early marriage, she loved him but marriage was not her priority at the moment. He had his plans ; she had hers. Heart broken both agreed to part. The story that had blossomed, withered within a fortnight. 
They took their separate path. Each losing a part of self . 

She never fell in love again. For she had never fallen out of the one before.
Today when age was no longer her friend, money no longer held her interest  she felt sad to have her meals alone.
Oh none had betrayed her. She sat at the table with them n their families. However the heart was alone and the soul hungry. The thought never eluded her as to what would her life be now if that day....

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