September 9, 2014

From Jolly Green to Gloomy Gray
It was a sunny day still it stood there surrounded by a dismal air. From the corner where she stood, she could decipher that no one dared to be near it. The bench stood there alone in spite of the entire crowd. A decade of service to the community had turned futile post that fateful day. 

She still remembered that day though bleakly. All the children were playing near the bench some jumping over it, others going under it. A few peers sat on it discussing how it had served them also during their childhood. Among the calm atmosphere, suddenly there was panic all around. Screams and cries for help filled the atmosphere. All the chaos added to the tragedy, as many kids got hurt and two lives were lost. The ones that survived the tragedy developed other complications. Gradually, fear enveloped the neighborhood that once blossomed with laughter and happiness. The happy brown companion transformed to a gloomy gray isolated bench.

 As she stood watching her mate from childhood, she thought if it also felt the pain, as it stayed there abandoned! 

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