September 15, 2014

Ten Things to do Before I Die

However, the list of things I wish to do is inexhaustible; I will dive into myself to grab the 10 top most things that I would like to do before I die. The list does not follow any particular order.

  • Take my parents and in laws down the memory lane. Visit our birthplace that no longer is our abode.
  • Own a dwelling surrounded by hills, water, books, colors, soft music with my better half once I have finished the worldly responsibilities and duties.
  • Set an example for my kid that life does not mean to follow others. Each one should take a journey without hurting others and at the same time without degrading self. We should make the choices and leave the blaming game.
  • Contribute in my small ways to the lives around me in terms of time, company, monetarily, emotionally.
  • Play adventure sport for that high adrenalin rush when I am on the riper side of sixty!
  • Meet all my friends who have been omnipresent in spite of distances and duration.
  • Play childhood games with cousins when we will be too old to run and jump.
  • Read at least one book every day.
  • Create something on the lines of hall of fame maybe a room where photographs of all my family, cousins from before and after my marriage shall adorn the walls.
  • Keep my sanity and health at par so that when I die I have a smile of contentment on my face

    Written in response to Lets post our Bucket List: Ten Things You Would Want to Do, no let me rephrase, TEN THINGS YOU MUST DO BEFORE YOU DIE or else you would feel like a loser on a deathbed? Let us share and motivate each other about life. Lets Dream about life, your life.


    1. We match so much on 2 one.... :)


    2. May our wishes come true

    3. Quite an interesting list... How I wish too if I could read one book a day... :)

      1. Thank you Manjulika.
        There was a time I did that during school time though now it is quite a wish.


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