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September 10, 2014

The Best Gift he ever Received

Pia was shouting while running across the fields.”Wait! Wait for me. You are running too fast. Mama has sent a message for you. Rakhiii…” The voice trailed behind him.  In spite of hearing his sister scream behind him, Raghu continued gaining yards losing out the sentence. He could not afford to waste any time. He had to grab that kite.

He continued the sprint until he reached the turn where his prized possession lay before him. Embracing the kite tightly he turned back. Happiness eluded him, as his sister was not there.  He started calling her name and running towards the direction from where he had come. Panting heavily he continued his quest. “I have lost my little sister,” he said to self. The kite he had longed for was now reduced to a sweat drenched colored piece of paper.

 As he neared his home, fear and agony filled him. He took a long breath before knocking at the door.”How I am ever going to break this news to my family,” He thought.

“Knock! Knock! "

The door opened and at that, instant Raghu dropped to the ground. Raghu fainted. A few hours later as he came out of the trance, he recalled the events. Tears filled his eyes blurring out everything except the little hand holding a Rakhi for him. His Pia stood before him.

He was now aware of what he was about to lose and how he had just received the best gift of his life - his sister!

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