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November 27, 2014

My Past Life

Frankly speaking I have no intuitions regarding my past life. So, Either this is just the beginning of my cycle or else I am carrying no baggage from my past.

Past life;
Was it a slow or fast Life?
I am ignorant of the unseen
The way I lived
Or how I died?
I wish I were a nomad
Free of spirit.
Unwound from the world around
deep in love to be calm and sound.
I wish I had a pleasant stay
Starry nights
Warm and bright days.
Maybe, I had traveled
Above the highest mountains
Under the deepest seas.
Maybe, I had taken a chance
To sing with the waves
To dance with the breeze.
Maybe love had blossomed
I went happy to sleep.
I do not even remember
If I were an animal
Or belonged to human beings.

I do not know about my past life
No traces I can see.
If I had left mid way
Or had my soul found its peace.

Written in response to "What do you think you were in your past life? Share the experience of your intuitions! #IntuitionofMyPastLife" o Indiblogger

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