January 8, 2015



The Panchabhuta is the essence of life.
The Panchabhuta - Air, Water, Soil, Fire, and the sky
All five elements work in cohesion to initiate life.

We owe everything to the nature.
It takes our care during life time;
After the last breath
Again we shall sleep in it's lap.

Why do we forget to treat the nature with respect?
Something that is an integral part of us!


  1. sry i dont understand maybe i am tired thats why

    1. Hi, its absolutely fine. At least you read through the post. Each comment is valuable.

      This post is about the need to realize that we need to respect the nature for we originate from it, derive our daily inputs from it and ultimately become its part. As for the title it means 'Five elements' in hindi.


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