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December 30, 2014

Dddd... Dhoni Ka Test Se Sanyaas

Why did Dhoni take Sanyaas from cricket? The truth behind the retirement is now a breaking news. However no conclusion has been reached yet. Actually, it is not his fault.

It is not that Dhoni wanted to retire from test cricket. It is the fault of his bat and the dashaa of the pitch that made him take this bold step. Some 'daan'(donations) and earning some 'punyas' will put him on the right track. Hope this would suffice as a reason for all the channels that are busy finding reasons for his retirement from test cricket.

What I saw on television made me summarize that is a crucial turn in the history that is being written in these times. The situation is so critical that the crew and passengers of Air Asia were forgotten to discuss why Dhoni took such a severe step.

The discussion board is so strong that even the ‘Ranchi ka Rajkumar’ must be having second thoughts as to weigh the effects of his decision. Hope Sakshi (If I may take the liberty to call her by her first name) would be a strong pillar to our ever so strong Captain.

Regardless of what channels portray, I think there is a personal front and a professional front before such a decision is taken. It is not that he woke up today; took a chance and took leave. Anyways no publicity is bad for the brand ‘Dhoni’. This support is being lent without his asking a favor.

The funny part is that a few days ago the same people felt that he needed to review his position and play. The man stays for the good, as he will be playing the formats where he shall prove beneficial for the team and himself.

No matter what happens, he is India’s one of the best captains ever.

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