December 10, 2014

Dump That Attitude Change Her Life



I am a woman. Any woman you have come across. I may not express myself to others however; I often have long chat session with my heart. “Please Excuse me”


No there is no typo.
It is the ring of my heart.

Every now and then, I pick it up; it affirms ‘Things will change’. . Over the years, I have been trying to lay off things and traits that have proved useless for me. Useless not in terms of utility but as a factor that enhances my journey on earth. They have proved to be hindrances every now and then. However, they continue to be a part of me. I can change freely only when the mental status of the crowd around me changes.

As the crowd dumps its evil, dual, sexist mentality towards women, her wishes shall come true.

1. How I wish to change the way world looks at me. It is not a glance but a peep into me. They do not see a human but my gender. How I wish every woman walks as freely as men do irrespective of the time of the day, place or companionship.

2. How I wish that the world welcomed each girl child celebration.

3. How I wish each people treated their daughters in law, as they would look after their daughter. Stop barter of boys and dowry.

4. How much I wish equal respect for my need of space for myself. I too need me time for my personal growth. When I will be happy the world around shall bloom itself.

5. How I wish that people realized that physically I might not be as strong as a man might but when he needs an emotional anchor I have proved my mettle times and again.

6. How I wish people to value me for I am and not what the world wants a woman to be. I am not the dress I wear, the song I listen, the ratio of males and female friends I have, my marital status. They do not define me.

7. How I wish my love did not translate into surrender. I alter my way not because I am dependent or afraid it is just that I love my family.

8. How I wish they did not expect a woman to bear the burden of home and work always. Commemorate a man if he helps his wife and not condemn him.

9. How I wish each woman raised her bar to better herself and not to appear better in other people’s eyes.

10. How I wish each day ends as if we just celebrated a women’s day not restricting it to a single day event.

The talk time of a woman is never exhausting. However, the heart needs to reset itself.
 Take care until next conversation.

This post is written for IndiBlogger IndiSpire (Edition 42). #10 things to dump in 2015.

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