December 17, 2014

Hence Proved - No Religion, No Faith, No love

Future was murdered
Parents orphaned
Siblings separated
Havoc created.

They said they fought for the cause of their people
They forgot those people
And killed them for their cause.

All pretensions; nothing more
Going for the holy trip drenched in blood
From head to toe.

Whose side are they?
You may ask
None can tell as they wear that mask.
They are but their own friend
Only shallow men kill children.

They work not for human or God
Greed and power are their lords.
Let us Fight for white
White for peace
However, we see just red
Splatter for the hatred and greed.

Humanity is crying
Politics is at a halt.
On both sides of the border
Hearts mourn together.

Maybe for a day
Or a week
Or else month
The story shall stay
Then fade away.

It is not the time for mere words
Nor just reactions.
The agencies should wake up
Take firm action.

The children will not return to their parents
At least their souls will rest in peace.
When the cowards who target public
Pay for their deeds.

H is for humanity, help, hatred, hindsight.
This post was written for the terrorist attack in a school in December 2014.


  1. So true.
    Wonderfully expressed.

    1. Thank you Anita.
      It would have been better if we never had to write such reactions.

  2. nicely written
    it was a sad day for humanity
    Bling Sparkle

    1. Thanks Kamar jahan.
      Indeed it was a tragedy that cannot be forgotten.

  3. I am saddened by the fact that in-spite of getting support from India in this matter Pakistan still released the mastermind of Mumbai attack. I am sorry to note that the state that support terrorism, suffer like this. Every time I think of those innocent children I shudder in fear and think - RIP Humanity.

    1. The people who commit or promote such hideous acts involve public to grab attention otherwise all is for their own advantage.
      Lest, we should not lose hope.

  4. a LOT of hatred in the world. And/or craziness.
    Well stated
    ROG, ABCW,

    1. Thank You, Roger. I think the man is getting trapped in te chaos he himself creates. Rather than simplifying things we tend to complicate them.

  5. I totaly agree with what Roger said ;-)

    Have a nice day
    Melody abc-w-team)

    1. Glad we share the same views on this topic. Thanks for stopping by, Melody.


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