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December 4, 2014

Ignorant Predictive text
Who pays heed to anyone these days? In the era of computers and Google, verbal advice has little or no meaning. Well, do not we all cross check with Google when suggested something. No offense intended.

The Internet has made lives easy, however; today each of us is an adviser to every other person. Unaware of our own shortcomings we are happy suggesting others as to what is right or wrong.

 I generally do not use that tone of suggesting while talking. I put my viewpoint then the ball is in other person’s court. We have to dig into the implications of an idea and proceed likewise.No, I have not gone off track. I am very much deep into the ‘Topic’. You see when I purchased my first communicative gadget (gives a sense of respect to mobiles and tabs) my technology friendly peers warned me regarding implications of using ‘Predictive text’ while typing.

The word 'children', was auto corrected to 'chicken' and the sentence turned out rather sinister than a mere question on grocery. Another time I was messaging to my mom in law when the text autocorrected itself to a mushy line.

However, this intimation did not come to my rescue as several times the text has left me in an embarrassing situation. I take precautions but once a while the web of ‘Predictive text’ entraps me.

I m not against it, as ‘Predictive text’ is here to stay and you are your own lord however, I am strongly suggesting caution to everybody who has a smart phone.
'I' is for ignorance.
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  1. Goodmorning

    You are so right...... some people indeed do stop thinking of their own and just follow that what they hear or read... thats a pitty!

    Have a nice day!
    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫ (abc-w-team)

    1. Hello Melody, Good morning to you too. Herd mentality is inded like a communicable disease.

  2. I TOTALLY relate!


    1. Then you are among the rare few. welcome to the club!

  3. Lol I so agree, i have been into trouble because of the predictive texts

  4. I see so many people sailing on the same boat!


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