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December 25, 2014

Life without my Phone - Unthinkable!

Dear Tabby,

If I were ever to lose you my dear, I do not know how I will survive
Over the years, you have become my part and my voice.
My day would cease to exist, as I will be without a guide
Your applications keep me abreast with the terms of life.

Mere thought of losing your company scares me to hell
Without you, my pace would be of a snail.
You pamper my feelings, understand my soul
I can write my heart out to you
You help me realize my goal.

How you keep me informed matching the world pace
Lacking your presence in my life, I shall be lost in life’s maze.
Do not you ever dare to leave my side?
I will not be able to cope.

Who will wake me in the mornings?
With whom will I share my thoughts?
You are the guard of my secrets
You are the vault of my hopes.

Let us stay together
Until technology, do us apart.

Mobile Mates forever.

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