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December 1, 2014

Match Point - LOVE

The first encounter proved to be the last.
 Here is an ode to an 'Arranged Love Story'.

Met him at an eating joint,
Something clicked
 Marked the point.

 Was not expecting prince charming
He cast a spell
That was alarming.

If it was love at first sight, 
Do not know.
Time had stopped
World seemed to glow.
Something inside had changed forever.
Feeling was new
It was a special makeover.

What they talked
None would know
Just went with the flow.

When the rendezvous ended, 
A deep impression the heart bore.

It felt nice in others company
Life started to sway in its own symphony.
In a year they rose in love
Thanks to the cupid and the dove.

They never fell in love.
It was never a mushy affair.
In the hearts though they knew
Souls had become one
Bodies appeared two.

Several years passed
All was fresh in their hearts
It was indeed a splendid start!

As long as this journey is a treat; 
It does not matter how two people meet. 
There may be shades of black, white, gray.
Does it matter?
No, I say.

If life is about 'us'
It is colorful at the end of the day.

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