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December 9, 2014

Your Decision Your Life

As I opened today’s newspaper the news that caught my attention was the death of a teenager in a road accident. A young life lost to the reckless driving of another person. Who is at fault? The first reaction would be the driver who hit the child. True, however things could have been different if that boy had been wearing a helmet.

The newspaper reported that there was no external injury; life was lost due to a deep impact. A life was lost due to negligence on part of the parties. We cannot control others though for ourselves we can take precautions. Road safety is not restricted to wearing helmets or limiting speed. It is about respecting the public walking on road. You may be in a rush but if you lose life, the purpose remains unresolved.

Do rules and regulations have an antagonistic effect on all? We may react over the issues of non-governance and country lacking Amenities. However, this should be our own choice as the civic bodies or the governments do not lose anything. A family loses its dear one and a person leaves his body.

Helmets may not be comfortable nevertheless; they protect us from such accidents. Some people have an attitude “everybody has to die someday", “this is my life”,” life is to enjoy”. No matter how true these sentences appear the fact remains that no one is entitled to decide death for others.  Young blood often symbolizes speed as free spirited courageous facet, something that pushes that adrenalin rush to the peak. It gives a sense of authority and superiority among peers.

You as a person may be strong and healthy but human body is fragile. Many people survive such mishaps too though life does not give everyone a second chance. A few given this chance are crippled or bed ridden forever.

Road safety is not about following regulations or paying fines in case we break a rule. The government generates revenue from it because there are defaulters. It is a duty of a person towards the family and society. 

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