January 28, 2015

A letter To the Forgotten 'I'

Dear Me,

While growing up you had developed so many interests. I remember how you would doodle on the hemline of your dress. How each page on the rough notebook had a pattern or face drawn. How your favorite gift used to be crayons, paints and palettes. Long time since the hands held those brushes or the crayons. I tried keeping up with your interest but daily chores and life took up the time. Sometime back we had tried to live with the color and paper but with regret, I say I fumbled again.

Still have a few of the sketches that you drew. I do not know if they were brilliant or not bu
t they made you happy. We learn to accept life as it comes and take up new challenges and develop new passion however, the childhood hobby never leaves the heart though it may be underneath present commitments.

I will try to give you your due. I will find some spare time so that you live your childhood dream. However, the interests have changed but you shall always be a part of me. You were and always be my first artistic encounter with life.

Below this letter is one such memento from our past.

Lovingly yours

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  1. That is a beautiful drawing, you must do it regularly. I loved your post.

    1. Thank you Inderpreet for liking the post. This is a very old drawing so current status of my hand on paper is unknown. ;)

      However, will pay heed to what you said.

  2. I loved your post. Many of us are guilty of forgetting the child within and their creativity.

    1. Hello Susan, Thank you for your words. It is true that life takes toll over creativity over time. Lets hope each of us relives the artist in us.

  3. Life indeed takes a toll but stay creative. :)

    1. Hi Payal,
      Thanks for stopping by. Trying to keep up with the lost art. Lets see how things turn up...


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