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January 16, 2015

Brain Power

If only I used that brain, life would have less of a strain.
I would learn to manipulate, catch my prey with single bait.
Alas! I use just 10 per cent rest of it is hidden behind the crescent.
How can I go that far without a rocket in my power?
Can you lend me a part of your 90 per cent?
I would use it judiciously giving you every credit in person.
Or maybe I possess more than 10 percent
However, circumstances hold the rest.
I try to use it when I can
However, you do not pay heed to what I said.
What is the use of more brainpower?
If the allotted slot to use will be, society bound.
You choke to speak with this much power
More will probably be a waste of cover.
Maybe I am sufficient with what I have.
Instead, give some sense to those who use none.
Then I presume I will ask for more
for I would want to explore what they curb.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brain Power.”

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