January 7, 2015

Good Girl-'SHE'

Good Girl, Bad Girl
Happy Girl, Sad Girl
Her Girl, His Girl
Hot Girl, Cute girl
All this comes later
Foremost I am a heart with a soul.
I am ‘The Girl’

Feel blessed being born a girl.
Thank you - http://www.thelogomix.com/

 From an early life, the families raise their daughters subjective to the norms and pressures of the society. Even matrimonial columns seeking brides want ‘Homely, Convent educated and simple girls’. It is a pity to set such trivial trends. I do not know how popular these are now but once they filled the matrimonial pages of all leading newspaper. The basis of such requirements and how do they relate to a Good girl are beyond my thinking ability.

It was for the English paper where we had to write ‘matrimonial ads’. My first word prejudice that I realized was then. My dear English teacher brought for us an advertisement as not to write for exams. This was one such format we had to stay off.

Good is such a relative term. How do people judge ‘Good’ from ‘Bad’? Okay some characters go off board with the living style and pattern but how do we say if they are good or bad. There are so many social liabilities and responsibilities that make us react in one way or the other so what parameter defines the good or the bad.

 How do you draw a line between timid and good-nature? Good is anyone who in his or her best capacity offers help without much expectation; is good to all and not the selected few. However good character hold true for both girls and boys and there exists no special ingredient that women need more to prove their character.

For me good girl is a happy mix of
  • Girls who have their up and down but do not let it affect their course of life.
  • Girls who love to laugh and smile but can give a shoulder when someone wants to cry.
  • A girl who may talk in haste but each word has a reason
  • Girls who walks amongst the crowd but have their own identity.
  • A girl who respects all but takes crap from none.
  • Girls who do not shout but can raise their voice when required.
  • Girls considered fast (modern and working) who waits for the feeble.
  • A girl who laughs off her sorrows to create happiness around.
  • Girls hurt by people but never defeated by their conscience.
  • All girls who may be physically less stronger than men but end up being the emotional anchors when all is blurred.
  • All the ladies who are some time or the other are shown their flaws and imperfections but who never leave the zest for life and create a happy perfect niche for themselves at the cost of none.
She is not indebted to society for her character. She lays the foundation for the society.

Written in response to
Define good girls... Everybody has an opinion about a good girl...so whats yours? #GoodGirls

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