January 24, 2015

Is It You?

It has been days since I slept
My eyes stay wide open
No dreams have yet crept.
My heart yearns for him
He is off shore.
No pill no doc can find a cure.

CREDIT - leafbreeze7
For the first time 
We are apart.
My soul is restless
My heart is beating hard.
I am sad 
Make me glad
Send him back soon
I cry to the moon.

CREDIT - leaf-19

Why am I losing control?
Am I over powered by trance?
I hear some scuffle
Then nature seems to settle.
I sense a feeling so calm.
Am I sleeping or is it some alarm?

He is my anchor I am aware 
Just felt so glad and cozy
When I thought I saw him standing there…

CREDIT - 8tracks.com

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