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January 11, 2015

She was Home bound after 20 years...

Hi, I am the lost child of my homeland. How I long for my home. It has been years since I left my home. We had left it during the vacation trip with the exception that it never ended and we shifted our base. I was very small at that time almost the age that my son is now however, childhood there is still fresh within me.

Yesterday the jinx was broken. I took the precious trip down the memory lane literally, whilst I walked down the lane towards the house that was once my home. This was the place where I was born, where I started my first school and where we all lived under one roof.

My heartbeat was rising exponentially. My feet felt numb. It was disturbing as all was still the same. My brain could not grasp how things stood, as before however, my heart was light.  I took a deep breath, gathered up my courage, and opened the gates of my house. The house was once my home.

I stood there frozen as I watched some children playing in our front lawn. A tinge of jealousy filled me. They seemed ignorant of my presence. On my part, something looked familiar about them.

thank you-
Palpitation and thumping echoed in the surroundings. Events turned spooky as the children turned. I was getting wet even though it was not raining. Someone started crying somewhere. Someone was calling my name. I felt unpleasant.

No, I was not choking. I was in tight grasp. Trying to free myself, I looked up. Blurred face seemed to form an outline. “Oh dear, Stop crying” a voice said as it embraced me in its arms. I began to laugh aloud though tears were still trickling down my cheeks. It was a dream. Those children were my cousins and me. I was nostalgic but at the same time, I was feeling light and contended. A fresh energy filled me up.

 I really wish that someday my dream would come true. Even if it was a dream, it felt good to be back home.


Write a story ending with "..... It felt good to be back home."#MyStory

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